Harpenden Cricket Club News story

Update on HCC Net Sessions

08 Jun 2020

Dear all 

Thank you for your patience and that we find you and your families well. 

The ECB and governement have worked together to allow the sport to move from a maximum of 2 people exercising together to it being 6 which is great news. However this has taken us some time to organise and that is why this weeks bookings have been later than previous weeks. Please bear with us for a short period of time to make sure there is a safe environment for everyone. Furthermore this is being run by volunteers so please do respect those that are helping run the programme. 

General Changes

The government and ECB have provided guidance to us to allow 6 to net at one time. This can be found here. To maximise the potential of the nets we have come up with these changes to the system so that we can maximise the use of HCC Cricket Facilities and giving the most use to our members. 


  1. The new times will be as follows Wednesday 17:00 - 18:00 (Senior Training will commence across both nets at 18:00) Thursday - Friday 17:00 - 20:30, Saturday - Sunday 14:00 - 17:30.
  2. A Cut Strip Net will be kept open at the same opening times from this Wednesday evening BUT THIS WILL BE RELIANT ON THE PITCH BEING SAFE AND AGREED TO BE USED BY THE GROUNDS STAFF. . 

  3. The net bookings will continue to be allocated on a first come first served basis, however from this week will be taking all names of those using the net. There will be double checks that the bookings will not be allocated to the same people each week, hence the need for all names using a booking to be submitted. 

The “Net Net” 

This net has been used mainly by junior parents, using softball and the forty minute time slot has been almost too long, attention starts to waver and the turn over of ten minutes is also too long a time period. 

  1. Time slots are 30 minutes with a 5 minute change over

  2. Sessions must be booked with a list of those attending as part of the booking process

  3. A Maximum of five children and at least 1 adult, names and age groups included. 

  4. For Juniors make a booking for a group of up to 5 (1 adult + 5 Juniors). 

  5. Individual net bookings can still be made for less than 6 at one time.   

The “Grass Net”

Although this has not been used yet, it is a great addition to what we can offer. A grass net is a better tool for Senior Cricketers (anyone of age to play Adult League Cricket - U13s and above only). This can hold up to 6 adult players, but rather than booking a whole net slot, you book a slot as an individual in a net. 

  1. These time slots are 70 minutes, 60 minutes net time, 10 minute turn around.  

  2. You may book one net slot a week. 

  3. The roll cage will need to be moved on and off the strip for the first and last bookings which those using the strip will need to assist with.

  4. The rope around the net will need to be taken down and out back up for the first and last bookings which those using the strip will need to assist with.

Please remember that we are doing our best to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to use the nets and we are considering opening up more net sessions as soon as possible.

The nets bookings will go live tomorrow morning and we will email to signify that time, until then all the best and if you have any questions about this process please send an email to hccnetbooking@gmail.com


Harpenden CC Exec Committee