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Net bookings open for 17th June 2020 to 21st June 2020

16 Jun 2020

16 06 20

Dear All 

This week's net sessions are now open for bookings from 17th June 2020 to 21st June 2020. 

Wednesday evening from 1800 will be reserved for senior training with all senior members welcome.


The ECB Net guidelines have been updated so that we can have an increased number,

up to 6, in the nets. If you would like more information regarding this please read here.

If you are booking a Junior 30 minute slot (U13s and below) you need to email for the time

slot that you would like and copy the following information with the names involved with your

booking. If this information is not given when booking then we will not accept the booking. 

Adult 1 (present at the net to ensure that social distancing and Net rules are adhered to)

Name - 

Child 1 - 

Age Group - 

Child 2 - 

Age Group - 

Child 3 - 

Age Group - 

Child 4 - 

Age Group - 

Child 5 - 

Age Group - 

If this is not provided at the time of booking then we will not be able to accept the booking

and any extra people who turn up during the session will be asked to leave. 


 If you are booking in for a slot in an Adult net slot (u13 and above) please send us simply

your name and if you are U18 please send your Age Group that you play for. You may book

one slot a week. If this information is not included we will not accept your booking. 


Please be aware of these three rules when booking the nets. 

1. Paid 2020 members will receive the email directly and first. 


3. The nets are allocated on a simple first come first served basis

To book you will be able to see the weeks booking sheet via this link,


which will be kept up to date throughout the week. 

Please select which day you would like and we will assign you a time. 

To book this you must email, hccnetbooking@gmail.com

You will be sent a confirmation email confirming your time slot with any further details

which you must have access to whilst at the nets. 


Please be aware that if you are not able to produce the confirmation email then you will be

asked to leave.These rules are in place simply to keep everyone safe not only those using

the nets but the members volunteering their time to let you have the opportunity to play. 

Thank you and most importantly stay safe. 

The Exec Committee.