Harpenden Cricket Club News story

Support for Social Justice and equal rights

10 Jul 2020

We would like to show our support for the objectives of justice and the fight for equality that the Black Lives Matter movement stands for.


This is an opportunity for us all to think learn and create meaningful change. The awareness and inclusivity it stands for are qualities we would like to share with our members and the wider community. There is no place for any form of discrimination at the club, towards our members or others.


We appreciate that we all bring something valuable and different to the club and learn from the variety and diversity we enjoy - we welcome and value race, gender and religious diversity and do not tolerate any form of discrimination. The England and West Indies cricket teams made a gesture in their test match acknowledging the BLM movement, and whilst it is up to individuals, the club would support a similar gesture being made by players prior to play this weekend.


With the return of cricket round the corner, we want to express our determination to stand for, encourage and help all members. Whether you’re playing or supporting, Harpenden Cricket Club is a place for everyone to have fun and feel comfortable.