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Availability and Selection

Availability and Selection

Nick Abbott30 Mar - 10:36
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How to set your availability for matches

There has been a bit of confusion around setting match availability in Pitchero so I thought it might be time for a quick “How to” guide on setting availability and the selection process.

Firstly, it's key to ensure the difference between availability and selection.
Availability is set by players to let the club and the selection committee know that they are available (or not) on a particular day.
Your playing availability will only show for the teams of which you are a playing member.
If you are a player, or your child is a player, for multiple teams that have fixtures on the same day, your availability will show for all fixtures on that day.
Selection is decided by the team captains, selection committee or Age Group Managers based on the availability set by players.

Setting Availability
Availability is set though the Pitchero Club app.
There are 4 options for availability:

  • Available
  • Maybe Available
  • Not Available
  • Not Set

Add Note : When setting availability, there is also a Notes section where you can add notes or information that will be read by the selectors. An example of which might be that the player is only available for the morning of a particular match day or that the player is unavailable due to a prior event.

Setting your status for a fixture to Available does not mean you are selected for the match.
If no availability is set, it will be assumed that the player is unavailable for the fixture.


Selection is decided by the team captains, selection committee or Age Group Managers.
Prior to each match week, the teams will be selected based on availability that is set.
Once selected for a fixture the player will be notified and attendance for the fixture will need to be confirmed in the app.

Instructions on how to set availability and selection can be found here:

I hope this helps clarify the process but feel free to comment or post questions on this article should you need more info.

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