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Junior teams update

Junior teams update

Jonathan Taylor7 Jul - 09:00
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It's high time for a progress report on our Junior teams

Whilst we are still awaiting the various age-group draws for the quarter-finals, we thought it was worth reflecting on an excellent group stage for all of our lead A teams across the boys and girls sections.

All nine teams, excluding the U9s who don’t have knock-outs, finished in either 1st or 2nd place in their groups, which is an excellent outcome for the Junior section.

Unfortunately, not all 2nd placed teams qualify, but we do think this represents real progress from our lead sides in each age group.

U10 Boys: 1st
U11 Boys: 2nd
U12 Boys: 2nd
U13 Boys: 2nd
U14 Boys: 1st
U15 Boys: 1st
U11 Girls: 2nd
U13 Girls: 1st
U15 Girls: 2nd

Go Harpy!

Scott Deutrom & George Wright

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